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Important noteImportant Note:

This topic applies to the earlier Windows Phone Dev Center dashboard and not the new unified Dev Center dashboard. Since we are still in the process of migrating all developer accounts, the info here may not apply if your account has already been migrated to the new dashboard. For more info, see Using the unified Dev Center dashboard.

Your app has to be authenticated before it can use map services. Get the ApplicationID and AuthenticationToken you need from the Windows Phone Store Dashboard and add them to your app.

The steps for getting an ApplicationID and AuthenticationToken from the Dashboard are slightly different depending on whether you’ve already started the submission process.

  • For a brand new app, start a new submission by pressing Submit app from the Windows Phone Store Dashboard. Enter and save the required fields in App info, then go to Map services and press Get token to generate a token and ID for your app.

  • If you’ve already started the submission process, go to Apps, click the In-progress submissions tab, then choose the app that uses map services. Under Current submission, click Complete, then go to Map services and press Get token.


You don’t have to finish submitting your app at this time.

After you request a token and ID, this info will be saved in the app’s Details section on the Dashboard. You can access this information in the future by going to the Apps section, clicking In-progress submissions, choosing the app, then clicking the Details tab. You’ll see the ApplicationID and AuthenticationToken listed along with other App properties.

You’ll now need to add the ApplicationID and AuthenticationToken to your code. This process differs for Windows Phone Silverlight apps and Windows Runtime apps. If you’re creating a Silverlight-based app, see How to add a Map control to a page in Windows Phone 8. For Windows Runtime apps, use How to authenticate your Maps app.

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