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Controls design guidelines

This section aggregates design information about all the available controls into a single place for ease of access and quick reference. It describes the standard controls that are available without customization. It also provides an example of usage in a real app for each control.

Note   All the controls in this section are included in the templates for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. See Downloads to get the templates.

Using standard controls can save you time when creating common interactions. They work well right out of the box. When working with a developer, you can reference these controls in your design in order to use a common language. For developer info about controls, see the Controls list (Windows Store apps using JavaScript and HTML) or Controls list (Windows Store apps using C#/VB/C++ and XAML).

The standard controls are only a starting place. For some interactions customization is not necessary, but for others it provides an opportunity to delight users with unique UI or to infuse branded elements into the app. For example, in some apps, the button control with no changes is the right, fast solution, and in others, customized buttons are a branded element of the app.

New and updated controls in Windows 8.1

  • Search box

    This new control provides an on-canvas search box to help you provide search results.

For developer info about new controls in Windows 8.1, see Controls (HTML with JavaScript) and Controls (XAML with C# or C++).



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