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Adding Xbox LIVE Features to Your Game

This section contains topics that show how to use the classes and methods in the GamerServices namespace to add Xbox LIVE features to your game.

In This Section

Introduction to Gamer Services
Describes the functionality provided by the XNA Framework GamerServices namespace.
Initializing and Updating Gamer Services
Describes the the use of GamerServicesDispatcher or GamerServicesComponent to initialize and update Gamer Services.
Inviting Players to Join Your Game
Describes how to support game invitations for Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
Getting Gamer Profiles
Demonstrates how to retrieve gamertags and pictures using a technique that also can be applied to retrieve other gamer profile information.
Setting Presence Information
Describes how to configure and set presence information for a player.
Inviting a Group to Join Your Game (Xbox 360)
Describes how to add LIVE Party support to Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
Avatar Support Overview (Xbox 360)
Discusses avatars in XNA Game Studio applications targeting the Xbox 360 console.
Avatar Bones (Xbox 360)
Describes the bones of the avatar.
Rendering and Animating Avatars (Xbox 360)
Demonstrates how to render and animate a gamer's avatar

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