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Creating and Playing Sounds

Audio gives you the opportunity to pump up your game with sounds where and when you define. This section provides overviews about audio technology, and it presents predefined scenarios to demonstrate how to use audio.

In This Section

Sounds Overview
Provides a high-level overview about the capabilities of the Audio API in XNA Game Studio in addition to general audio terminology.
Audio API Developers Guide
Provides developers with information about the audio buffer format used by the XNA Game Studio Audio API.
Playing a Sound
Demonstrates how to play a simple sound by using SoundEffect.
Looping a Sound
Demonstrates how to loop a sound.
Adjusting Pitch and Volume
Demonstrates how to change pitch and volume of a playing sound.
Playing a Song
Demonstrates how to play a song from a user's media library.
Playing a Song from a URI
Demonstrates how to use the MediaPlayer to play a song from a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
Applying a 3D Positional Effect to a Sound
Demonstrates how to apply 3D positioning effects to a SoundEffect.
Streaming Data from a WAV File
Demonstrates how to stream audio from a wave (.wav) file.
Recording Sounds with Microphones
Topics that provide guidance on writing code to support microphones for XNA Game Studio.
Using Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT)
Demonstrates how to play sounds created using XACT in XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh.

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