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System.IO.Compression Namespace

The System.IO.Compression namespace contains classes that provide basic compression and decompression services for streams.

  Class Description
Public class Supported by Portable Class Library DeflateStream Provides methods and properties for compressing and decompressing streams by using the Deflate algorithm.
Public class Supported by Portable Class Library GZipStream Provides methods and properties used to compress and decompress streams.
Public class ZipArchive Represents a package of compressed files in the zip archive format.
Public class ZipArchiveEntry Represents a compressed file within a zip archive.
Public class ZipFile Provides static methods for creating, extracting, and opening zip archives.
Public class ZipFileExtensions Provides extension methods for the ZipArchive and ZipArchiveEntry classes.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CompressionLevel Specifies values that indicate whether a compression operation emphasizes speed or compression size.
Public enumeration Supported by Portable Class Library CompressionMode Specifies whether to compress or decompress the underlying stream.
Public enumeration ZipArchiveMode Specifies values for interacting with zip archive entries.
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