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Grammar Properties

  Name Description
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Enabled
Gets or sets a value controlling whether a Grammar can be used by a recognition engine.
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Loaded
Ready only attribute, indicates if a Grammar has been loaded into a recognition engine.
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Name
Gets or sets the user-friendly name of an instance of Grammar.
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Priority
Set or gets a value used as a tie breaker when one or more grammars have returned a recognized phrase.
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif RuleName
Read-only value containing the name of root or entry point rule of a valid Grammar instance.
Dd147001.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Weight
Property used to control the influence of a grammar on a recognition engine's algorithm.
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