Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing namespace

SharePoint 2013

Provides a large set of classes for developing custom plugins and apps for interacting publishing pages in SharePoint Server 2013.

  Class Description
Public class AddinPlugin Represents the settings of a social plugin.
Public class AddinSettings Represents the settings of a site services add-in.
Public class CustomizableString Represents a string-typed property with a default value that is used if a custom value has not been explicitly assigned.
Public class DesignPackage A static class that is used to import and export a design package to and from a site collection.
Public class DesignPackageInfo Represents metadata that are related to a design package.
Public class ImageRendition Handles the metadata of an image rendition.
Public class PageLayoutCreationInformation
Public class PublishingPage Provides publishing-related behavior for an .aspx page that is stored in a PublishingWeb object.
Public class PublishingPageInformation This class is used as an input parameter for methods that create [PublishingPage] objects.
Public class PublishingSite
Public class PublishingWeb Provides publishing behavior for a Web instance that supports publishing.
Public class ScheduledItem Provides a wrapper that includes scheduling-specific behavior for items in the ListItem class.
Public class SiteImageRenditions Exposes the operations to read and write image renditions from a site collection.
Public class SiteServicesAddins The SiteServicesAddins class provides methods that manage site services addins and social plugins.
Public class VariationLabel Represents VariationLabel objects that are managed from the "/_layouts/VariationLabels.aspx" page.
Public class Variations The Variations class exposes essential information about the Variations system in a Site Collection that is activated with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing feature.
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