RequestReceivedEventArgs class

Lync 2013

The RequestReceivedEventArgs class defines information to an application regarding the arrival of a SIP request.

When a request has been successfully dispatched by the MSPL message filter (see the Dispatch built-in function), an event containing a RequestReceivedEventArgs object will be dispatched to the specified method (whose signature must match the ResponseReceivedEventHandler delegate). RequestReceivedEventArgs contains the request as the Request property.

An instance of ServerTransaction is created as a property of RequestReceivedEventArgs. This property represents the new server transaction for the request. To forward this request, call CreateBranch() to create a ClientTransaction and call SendRequest(Request), passing the Request object in the RequestReceivedEventArgs.Request property.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Sip
Assembly:  ServerAgent (in ServerAgent.dll)

Public Class RequestReceivedEventArgs
Dim instance As RequestReceivedEventArgs

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