PersistentChatErrorCode enumeration

Lync 2013

Enumerates the persistent chat error codes.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.PersistentChat
Assembly:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.PersistentChat (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.PersistentChat.dll)

public enum PersistentChatErrorCode

Member nameDescription
DatabaseConnection There was a problem with the server connection to the database.
DataCollision The object being modified has been changed. Refresh your copy of the object before attempting to modify it.
DuplicateRoomName A chat room with that name already exists.
InvalidArgument One or more provided arguments to the command are invalid.
CannotGetParticipantList You cannot request the participant list of the chat room.
LimitExceeded You have exceeded an internal server limit.
MsgNotSupported The command is not supported by the server
NodeDisabled The chat room is disabled.
NodeHierarchyViolation Cannot create rooms under the root category.
ErrorPermission The signed in user is not authorized to perform the action on the room.
NoSuchNode The room does not exist.
NoSuchPrincipal One or more principals are invalid.
UnableToCreateRoom The signed in user cannot create the chat room.
UnknownServerError An unknown error occurred on the server.
UserNotJoined The signed in user is not currently joined to the room.
FileDownloadFailed Failed to download file.
FileUploadFailed Failed to upload file.
InvalidFlowOfOperations Connection flow interrupted. The endpoint is in an invalid state for the attempted operation.
InvalidToken Chat server returned an invalid file transfer security token.
ServerError The chat server reported an error. Refer to the exception message for the error code.
CommandFailed Command failed - see inner exception for details.