PersistentChatUserServices members

Lync 2013

A collection of methods which can be used to manage persistent chat users and user groups. An instance of this class may be obtained from the UserServices property of PersistentChatServices

The PersistentChatUserServices type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Endpoint Gets the endpoint that this service object is tied to.

  Name Description
Public method BeginFindUsers Finds users having a first name, last name, or email address containing the corresponding search string.
Public method BeginGetUser Gets the PersistentChatUser for the given SIP URI.
Public method BeginGetUserGroup Gets detailed information, permissions, and membership affiliations for the specified group.
Public method EndFindUsers Completes the asynchronous request initiated by BeginFindUsers(String, String, String, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method EndGetUser Completes the asynchronous request initiated by BeginGetUser(Uri, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method EndGetUserGroup Completes the asynchronous request initiated by BeginGetUserGroup(PersistentChatPrincipalSummary, AsyncCallback, Object)
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