PersistentChatPrincipal members

Lync 2013

Describes a user or user group which is provisioned for persistent chat, and has specific roles and permissions assigned to it in the persistent chat system.

The PersistentChatPrincipal type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ActiveDirectoryPath Gets the Active Directory path of this principal.
Public property ChangeHistory Gets the change history of this principal.
Public property EntityGuid Gets the entity GUID which identifies this user or user group to the system.
Public property MemberOf Gets a collection of objects which describe the user groups to which this principal belongs. Local users belong to a domain (see Domain), a hierarchy of Active Directory containers and organizational units (see DirectoryFolder, as well as an arbitrary number of security groups and distribution lists (see DirectoryGroup). Affiliation with these various user groups can be used to grant permissions to a user, as well as membership or management roles on chat rooms. User groups may also have an affiliated membership list. A security group or distribution list (DirectoryGroup) principal may be defined as a member of an arbitrary number of other directory groups, and an active directory container (DirectoryFolder) exists in a hierarchy of directory containers.
Public property Name Gets the name of the user or user group represented by this instance.
Public property Type Gets the type of principal represented by this instance.
Public property Uri Gets the URI for this principal. User's have SIP URI's, and groups have URI's of the form 'ma-grp:EntityGuid@u.g'

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  Name Description
Public operator Static member Implicit(PersistentChatPrincipal to PersistentChatPrincipalSummary) Performs an implicit conversion from PersistentChatPrincipal to PersistentChatPrincipalSummary. Methods which operate on any user or user group may require a reference to a PersistentChatPrincipalSummary.