SearchProviderStatusType enumeration

Lync 2013

Enumerates search provider statuses.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Lync.Model
Assembly:  Microsoft.Lync.Model (in Microsoft.Lync.Model.dll)

public enum SearchProviderStatusType

Member nameDescription
SyncNotStartedSearch provider synchronization has not started.
SyncInProgressSearch provider synchronization is in progress.
SyncSucceededSearch provider synchronization has completed successfully.
SyncSucceededForInternalOnly Search provider service from internal is available.
SyncSucceededForExternalOnly Search provider service from external is available.
OtherFailureSearch provider synchronization failed for an unknown reason.
LocalDatabaseFailureSearch provider synchronization failed due to local database failure.
FileNotFoundSearch provider synchronization failed due to file not found.
FileCorruptedSearch provider synchronization failed due to corrupted file.
CredentialsNotEnteredUser has not provided credentials to the challenging search provider.
NotConfiguredNo search provider has been configured.
InitializationFailedFailed to initialize search provider synchronization.