Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation.Sharing namespace

Lync 2013

  Class Description
Public class ActiveContentChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ActiveContentChanged event.
Public class ActivePresenterChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ActivePresenterChangedEvent event.
Public class ApplicationSharingModality Represents the application sharing modality of a conversation or participant modality collection.
Public class ApplicationSharingView ApplicationSharingWindowControl Class
Public class ApplicationSharingViewPropertyChangedEventArgs ApplicationSharingViewPropertyChangedEventData Class
Public class ApplicationSharingViewPropertyDictionary ApplicationSharingViewPropertyDictionary Class
Public class ApplicationSharingViewStateChangedEventArgs ApplicationSharingViewStateChangedEventData Class
Public class ContentCollectionChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ContentCollectionChanged event.
Public class ContentSharingModality Creates and manages a collection of shareable content items.
Public class ControllerChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ControllerChanged event.
Public class ControlRequestReceivedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ControlRequestReceivedEvent event.
Public class LocalSharedResourcesChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a LocalSharedResourcesChanged event.
Public class ParticipationStateChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ParticipationStateChangedEvent event.
Public class PowerPointContent Encapsulates a PowerPoint slide deck in a conversation content bin.
Public class ShareableContent The ShareableContent class is the common class for all types of content
Public class ShareableContentActionAvailabilityChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ShareableContentActionAvailabilityChangedEvent event.
Public class ShareableContentCollection Maintains a collection of all Shareable content objects.
Public class ShareableContentPropertyChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ShareableContentPropertyChangedEvent event.
Public class ShareableContentStateChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of a ShareableContentStateChangedEvent.
Public class SharerChangedEventArgs Represents the event data of the resource sharing user changed event.
Public class SharingResource Encapsulates a shareable resource.
Public class SharingResourceList Encapsulates a collection of shareable resources.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ApplicationSharingViewDisplayMode Enumerates possible display modes for the application sharing view.
Public enumeration ApplicationSharingViewProperty Enumerates the application sharing view properties.
Public enumeration ApplicationSharingViewState Enumerates the state of application sharing view control.
Public enumeration CanShareDetail Enumerates the detail of why sharing a particular resource is allowed or not allowed.
Public enumeration ContentSavingFileType Enumerates the file type for saving content
Public enumeration ParticipationState Enumerates the participation states of a conversation participant who is sharing or viewing a shared resource.
Public enumeration ShareableContentAction Enumerates supported content actions.
Public enumeration ShareableContentProperty Enumerates the content properties.
Public enumeration ShareableContentState Enumerates the states of a shareable content object.
Public enumeration ShareableContentType Enumerates supported content types
Public enumeration SharingResourceType Enumerates the application sharing resource type