authenticated identity

A user or account that can be authenticated.

client application

A user of the Identity client runtime library. (In this document refers to Microsoft Lync 2010 and other compatible applications)

globally unique ID (GUID)

A term used interchangeably with universally unique identifier (UUID) in Microsoft protocol technical documents (TDs). Interchanging the usage of these terms does not imply or require a specific algorithm or mechanism to generate the value. Specifically, the use of this term does not imply or require that the algorithms specified in [RFC4122] or [C706] must be used for generating the GUID. See also universally unique identifier (UUID).

Identity Client Runtime Library (IDCRL)

A pluggable library used to authenticate with online login services.

service ticket

A string token that can be passed to an online login service for the purposes of authentication.

session key

A secret key used for signing authentication tokens. (Not used in this release).