Add a Silverlight Application to the Conversation Window Extension

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Use the Microsoft Lync 2013 Preview SDK to display Microsoft Silverlight applications in the Microsoft Lync 2013 Preview Conversation Window Extension (CWE) during Lync 2013 Preview conversations.

When a Lync SDK contextual conversation starts, the application registered with the appropriate GUID opens. A Web application opens in the CWE, otherwise the application opens on the desktop. To display a Silverlight application in the CWE, embed the application in an HTML page and register the HTML application.

For more information about displaying a Silverlight application in the CWE, see Walkthrough: Write a Silverlight Application for the Extensibility Window.

For more information about registering applications, see Register Contextual Conversation Packages.

In Lync SDK Silverlight applications use the LyncClient.GetHostingConversation method to get the Conversation object that hosts the CWE.

Conversation currentConversation = (Conversation) LyncClient.GetHostingConversation();

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