Section Element

Last modified: July 15, 2011

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

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Defines a section of a layout.

  Type="Divider | OneRow | TwoRow | ThreeRow"
  Alignment="Top | Middle"




Optional. An enumeration value that specifies the type of section.

  • Divider. The section cannot contain child Row elements.

  • OneRow. The section can contain one child Row element.

  • TwoRow. The section can contain two child Row elements.

  • ThreeRow. The section can contain three child Row elements.


Optional. An enumeration value that specifies the vertical alignment of controls within the section.

  • Top. Control icons are aligned to the top edge of their row.

  • Middle. Control icons are aligned in the middle of their row.

The default alignment is Top.

Minimum: 0

Maximum: unbounded

The following example defines a layout with two sections of different types.

<Layout Title="Large">
  <Section Type="OneRow">
      <ControlRef TemplateAlias="createView" DisplayMode="Large" />
  <Section Type="ThreeRow">
      <ControlRef TemplateAlias="viewSelector" DisplayMode="Medium" />
      <ControlRef TemplateAlias="modifyView" DisplayMode="Medium" />
        <ControlRef TemplateAlias="previousPage" DisplayMode="Small" />
        <ControlRef TemplateAlias="currentPage" DisplayMode="Medium" />
        <ControlRef TemplateAlias="nextPage" DisplayMode="Small" />