BDCMetadataResource Schema

Last modified: July 20, 2011

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

This section contains documentation for the BDC Metadata Resource schema (BDCMetadataResource.xsd). Explore the topics in this section to learn about each element in this schema.

AccessControlEntry Element in AccessControlList (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

AccessControlList Element in IndividuallySecurableMetadataObject (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Action Element in Actions (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

ActionParameter Element in ActionParameters (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

ActionParameters Element in Action (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Actions Element in Entity (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Association Element in MethodInstances (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

AssociationGroup Element in AssociationGroups (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

AssociationGroups Element in Entity (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Entities Element in LobSystem (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Entity Element in Entities (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

FilterDescriptor Element in FilterDescriptors (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

FilterDescriptors Element in Method (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Identifier Element in Identifiers (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Identifiers Element in Entity (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LobSystem Element in LobSystems (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LobSystemInstance Element in LobSystemInstances (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LobSystemInstances Element in LobSystem (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LobSystems Element in Model (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LocalizedDisplayName Element in LocalizedDisplayNames (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

LocalizedDisplayNames Element in MetadataObject (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Method Element in Methods (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

MethodInstance Element in MethodInstances (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

MethodInstances Element in Method (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Methods Element in Entity (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Model Element (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Parameter Element in Parameters (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Parameters Element in Method (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Properties Element in MetadataObject (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Property Element in Properties (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

Right Element in AccessControlEntry (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

TypeDescriptor Element in Parameter (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

TypeDescriptor Element in TypeDescriptors (BDCMetadataResource Schema)

TypeDescriptors Element in TypeDescriptor (BDCMetadataResource Schema)