Address Object


Represents a structured address.

addressLinestringThe street line of an address. The addressLine property is the most precise, official line for an address relative to the postal agency servicing the area specified by the locality or postalCode properties.
adminDistrictstringThe subdivision name within the country or region for an address. This element is also commonly treated as the first order administrative subdivision. An example is a US state, such as “Oregon”.
countryRegionstringThe country or region name of the address.
countryRegionISO2stringA string specifying the two-letter ISO country code.
districtstringThe second, third, or fourth order subdivision within a country, dependency, or region.
formattedAddressstringThe complete, unparsed address.
localitystringThe locality, such as the primary city, that corresponds to an address. An example is “Seattle”.
postalCodestringThe post code, postal code, or ZIP code of an address. An example is a US ZIP code, such as “98152”.