MapTypeId Enumeration


This enumeration is used to specify the type of map style that should be displayed by the map. It is specified as Microsoft.Maps.MapTypeId.[Name] where [Name] can be any of the following values.

aerialThe map displays aerial imagery.Aerial Map View
canvasDarkA dark version of the road maps.Dark Road Map View
canvasLightA lighter version of the road maps which also has some of the details such as hill shading disabled.Light Road Map View
birdseyeHigh resolution aerial imagery taken at 45 degrees to the ground, from 4 different directions.Birdseye Map View
grayscaleA grayscale version of the road maps.Grayscale Road Map View
mercatorThe map does not display any imagery. Use this option if you want to display custom imagery instead of Bing Maps imagery.
ordnanceSurveyThe map displays Ordnance Survey imagery. Ordnance Survey imagery is only available in the UK. Bing Maps provides the 1:25,000 OS Explorer Map and 1:50,000 OS Landranger maps. When the map is panned or zoomed out of range, road map imagery will be displayed. Map culture must be set to en-GB.Ordnance Survey Map View
roadThe map displays road imagery.Road Map View
streetsideProvides streetside panoramas from the street level.Streetside View

To make Bing Maps more accessible, high contrast support has been added. When the user’s computer is in high contrast mode, a high contrast version of the road maps will be displayed.

High Contrast Road Map View