TileLayer Class


Represents a tile layer that can be overlaid on top of the map.

TileLayer(options: TileLayerOptions)

metadataobjectOptional property to store any additional metadata for this layer.

The TileLayer class has the following methods.

NameReturn TypeDescription
getOpacity()numberReturns the opacity of the tile layer, defined as a double between 0 (not visible) and 1.
getTileSource()TileSourceReturns the tile source of the tile layer.
getVisible()booleanGets a boolean that indicates if the tile layer is visible or not.
getZIndex()numberGets the zIndex of the tile layer.
setOpacity(opacity: number)Sets the opacity of the tile layer. Value must be a number between 0 and 1.
setOptions(opt: TileLayerOptions)Sets options for the tile layer. Note that the TileSource can only be set when the tile layer is created and cannot be updated.
setVisible(show: boolean)Sets the visibility of the tile layer.
setZIndex(idx: number)Sets the zIndex of the tile layer.