PolygonOptions Object


The following polygon option properties can be used to create customized polygons.

cursorstringThe css cursor to show when the polygon has mouse events on it. Default value is pointer (hand).
generalizablebooleanAutomatically generate and draw generalized polygon based on the zoom level to improve rendering performance. Default true
fillColorstring or ColorThe color of the inside of the polygon.
strokeColorstring or ColorThe color of the polygon rings.
strokeDashArraystring or number[]A string representing the stroke/gap sequence to use to draw the polygon rings. The string must be in the format S, G, S, G, where S represents the stroke length and G represents gap length. Stroke lengths and gap lengths can be separated by commas or spaces. For example, a stroke dash string of "1 4 2 1" would draw the polygon with a dash, four spaces, two dashes, one space, and then repeated.
strokeThicknessnumberThe thickness of the polygon rings.
visiblebooleanA boolean indicating whether to show or hide the polyline. A value of false indicates that the polygon is hidden, although it is still an entity on the map.