Uniscribe Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows the Uniscribe functions .

Programming elementDescription
ScriptApplyDigitSubstitutionApplies the digit substitution settings recorded in a SCRIPT_DIGITSUBSTITUTE structure to the SCRIPT_CONTROL and SCRIPT_STATE structures.
ScriptApplyLogicalWidthTakes an array of advance widths for a run and generates an array of glyph widths that are suitable for passing to the piJustify parameter of ScriptTextOut.
ScriptBreakReturns information for determining line breaks.
ScriptCacheGetHeightReturns the height of the currently cached font.
ScriptCPtoXGenerates the x offset from the left end (!fLogicalOrder) or leading edge (fLogicalOrder) of a run to either the leading or trailing edge of a logical character cluster.
ScriptFreeCacheFrees a SCRIPT_CACHE item.
ScriptGetCMapTakes a string and returns the glyph indices of the Unicode characters according to the TrueType cmap table or the standard cmap table implemented for old style fonts.
ScriptGetFontPropertiesReturns information from the font cache on the special glyphs used by a font.
ScriptGetGlyphABCWidthReturns the ABC width of a given glyph.
ScriptGetLogicalWidthsConverts the glyph advance widths for a specific font into logical widths.
ScriptGetPropertiesReturns information about the current scripts.
ScriptIsComplexDetermines whether a Unicode string requires complex script processing.
ScriptItemizeBreaks a Unicode string into individually shapeable items.
ScriptJustifyCreates an advance widths table to allow text justification when passed to the ScriptTextOut function.
ScriptLayoutConverts an array of run-embedding levels to a map of visual-to-logical position and/or logical-to-visual position.
ScriptPlaceTakes the output of a ScriptShape call and generates glyph advance width and two-dimensional offset information.
ScriptRecordDigitSubstitutionReads the National Language Support (NLS) native digit and digit substitution settings and records them in the SCRIPT_DIGITSUBSTITUTE structure.
ScriptShapeTakes a Unicode run and generates glyphs and visual attributes.
ScriptStringAnalyseAnalyzes a plain text string.
ScriptStringCPtoXReturns the x-coordinate for the leading or trailing edge of a character position.
ScriptStringFreeFrees a SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS structure.
ScriptStringGetLogicalWidthsConverts visual widths into logical widths.
ScriptStringGetOrderCreates an array that maps an original character position to a glyph position.
ScriptStringOutGenerated by a prior call to ScriptStringAnalyse and optionally adds highlighting.
ScriptString_pcOutCharsReturns a pointer to the length of a string after clipping.
ScriptString_pLogAttr Returns a pointer to a logical attributes buffer for an analyzed string.
ScriptString_pSizeReturns a pointer to a SIZE structure for an analyzed string.
ScriptStringValidateChecks the SCRIPT_STRING_ANALYSIS structure for invalid sequences.
ScriptStringXtoCP Converts an x-coordinate to a character position.
ScriptTextOutTakes the output of both ScriptShape and ScriptPlace calls and calls the operating system ExtTextOut function appropriately.
ScriptXtoCPConverts an x offset from the left end (!fLogicalOrder) or leading edge (fLogicalOrder) of a run to a logical character position and a flag that indicates whether the x position fell in the leading or the trailing half of the character.

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