IXFeed Interface

Exposes methods and properties of the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed.

IXFeed Members

AsyncDownload Download content for the feed asynchronously.
CancelAsyncDownload Cancels asynchronous download of the feed.
Copyright Returns the copyright from the feed.
Delete Deletes the feed.
Description Returns a phrase or sentence that describes the feed.
Download Downloads content for the feed.
DownloadEnclosuresAutomatically Returns a value that indicates whether enclosures are downloaded automatically.
DownloadStatus Returns the current download status of the feed.
DownloadUrl Retrieves the URL from which the feed was downloaded.
GetItem Returns a feed item by ID.
GetWatcher Returns the appropriate interface for events.
Image Returns the image URL from the feed.
Interval Returns the update interval for the feed.
IsList Determines if the feed is a list.
ItemCount Retrieves the count of items in this feed.
Items Returns an enumerator for items from the feed.
Language Returns the language code from the feed.
LastBuildDate Returns the last build date from the feed.
LastDownloadError Retrieves the last download error of the feed.
LastDownloadTime Returns the date and time of the last successful download for the feed.
LastWriteTime Returns the last date and time the feed was changed.
Link Returns the home page URL from the feed.
LocalEnclosurePath Returns the file system path where enclosures for the feed are downloaded.
LocalId Returns the GUID associated with this feed.
MarkAllItemsRead Sets the IXFeedItem::IsRead property to TRUE for all feed items.
MaxItemCount Returns the maximum number of downloaded items for the feed.
Merge Combines the specified XML with the feed.
Move Moves the feed to a new location.
Name Returns the display name of the feed.
Parent Returns the parent folder of the feed.
Path Returns the path for the current feed.
PubDate Returns the publication date and time of the feed.
Rename Renames the feed.
SetDownloadEnclosuresAutomatically Enables or disables the automatic downloading of enclosures.
SetInterval Sets the update interval for the feed.
SetMaxItemCount Sets the maximum number of downloaded items for the feed.
SetSyncSetting Sets the update setting for the feed.
SetUrl Sets the source URL of the feed.
SyncSetting Returns the update setting for the feed.
Title Returns the title from the feed.
Ttl Returns the time to live (TTL) from the feed.
UnreadItemCount Returns the count of unread feed items.
Url Returns the URL of the feed.
Xml Returns the XML for the feed.


Each subscribed feed is stored as a file on the local file system. Feeds may be organized into a folder hierarchy. If a directory or feed file exists in the file system, it will be displayed in the feed list.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation msfeeds.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files msfeeds.h, msfeeds.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 7
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP2

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