addPageRule method

Not implemented. Creates a new page object for a style sheet.


var retval = styleSheet.addPageRule(bstrSelector, bstrStyle, lIndex);


bstrSelector [in]

Type: String

String that specifies the selector for the new page object.

bstrStyle [in]

Type: String

String that specifies the style assignments for this page object. This style takes the same form as an inline style specification. For example, "color:blue" is a valid style parameter.

lIndex [in]

Type: Integer

Integer that specifies the zero-based position in the pages collection where the new page object should be placed.


Default. The page object is added to the end of the collection.

Return value

Type: Integer

Reserved. Always returns -1.

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


Each page object represents a style sheet that corresponds to a @page rule in the document.

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