type property

Returns the content type of the object.

Internet Explorer 10



type = object.type


Property values

Type: String

The ASCII-encoded string in lowercase letters representing the media type of the Blob, expressed as a MIME type. On getting, type contains the MIME type of the Blob, if it is known. If the browser cannot determine the media type of the Blob, an empty string is returned.


MIME is an abbreviation for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension, and is a set of enhancements used with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Used together, MIME and SMTP allow Internet messages to include a mixture of audio, images, video, and text components, and to accommodate a variety of international character sets.

When the user agent gets an object, it returns the MIME type of the object. If the user agent cannot determine the MIME type, it returns an empty string.

The media type for the object is expressed as one of the MIME types defined in MIME, Part two: Media Types (RFC2046).

Data accessed through the type property is returned synchronously.

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