enabled Property

This topic documents a feature that is obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 7.

Obsolete. Sets or retrieves a Boolean value that specifies whether the Media Bar player control is enabled.


Scripting [ bEnabled = ] mediaBar.enabled [ = bEnabled ]

Possible Values

bEnabled Boolean that specifies or receives a variable that indicates whether the control is enabled.
The control is not enabled.
Default. The control is enabled.

The property is read/write. The property has a default value of true.


As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Internet Explorer 7, the mediaBar feature is obsolete and no longer available.

enabled was introduced in Internet Explorer 6.

Setting this property to false does not change or update the appearance of the player controls. No visual cue appears for the user in the UI.

Because the mediaBar behavior is an implementation of the Microsoft Windows Media Player, some Media Bar members are essentially the same as those used by the Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Media Player 8, notably the onopenstatechange and onplaystatechange events, and the openState, playState, and enabled properties. For more information about the Windows Media Player object model, see the Player object reference and the Windows Media Player SDK.

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