moveLight Method

Moves the focus for cone lights or the origin for point lights that are applied with the Light filter.


object.filters.item(    "DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Light").moveLight(iLightNumber, iX, iY, iZ, fAbsolute)


iLightNumber Required. Integer that specifies the identifier for the light.
iX Required. Integer that specifies the left coordinate of the light source.
iY Required. Integer that specifies the top coordinate of the light source.
iZ Required. Integer that specifies the z-axis level of the light source.
fAbsolute Required. Boolean that specifies whether the light source is moved absolutely or relative to the initial position.

Return Value

No return value.


For a cone light, this method changes the target x,y values to move the light's focus. For a point light, this method changes the source x,y,z values to move the source location.

This method has no effect on an ambient light.

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