About Viewlink Event Routing

This page categorizes events based on how they are handled by an HTML Component (HTC) file that uses a viewlink. Generally, events originating in the viewlink document bubble up the tree of the document fragment, fire across the viewlink, and continue to bubble up from the master element through the primary document tree. Once the event begins to bubble up the primary document tree, the master element appears to be the source of the event.

In each table, the Bubbles column indicates whether the event bubbles up the document tree and the Cancels column indicates whether the event bubbling can be canceled. Event bubbling can be canceled for an event by setting the cancelBubble property. Note that setting this property only applies to a specific instance of an event.

A table is shown for each of the following event categories:

Events fired from the HTC to the Primary Document

Below is a complete list of events fired from the HTC to the primary document.

Event Name Bubbles Cancels
onbeforecopy Yes Yes
onbeforecut Yes Yes
onbeforeeditfocus Yes Yes
onbeforepaste Yes Yes
onclick Yes Yes
ondblclick Yes Yes
oncontextmenu Yes Yes
oncopy Yes Yes
oncut Yes Yes
onpaste Yes Yes
ondrag Yes Yes
ondragend Yes Yes
ondragenter Yes Yes
ondragleave Yes Yes
ondragover Yes Yes
ondragstart Yes Yes
ondrop Yes Yes
onhelp Yes Yes
onkeydown Yes Yes
onkeypress Yes Yes
onkeyup Yes Yes
onmousedown Yes Yes
onmousemove Yes No
onmouseup Yes Yes
onselectstart Yes Yes
oncontrolselect Yes Yes

Special Case Events

The following table covers the special case Events.

Event Name Bubbles Cancels
onmouseenter->onmouseover No No
onmouseleave->onmouseout No No
onfocusenter->onfocus No No
onfocusleave->onblur No No
onbeforefocusenter No Yes
onbeforefocusleave No Yes

Events not automatically fired over a viewlink

Event Name Bubbles Cancels
onabort No Yes
onafterprint No No
onafterupdate Yes No
onbeforeprint No No
onbeforeunload No No
onbeforeupdate Yes Yes
onbounce No Yes
oncellchange Yes No
onchange No Yes
ondataavailable Yes No
ondatasetchanged Yes No
ondatasetcomplete Yes No
onerror No Yes
onerrorupdate Yes No
onfilterchange No No
onfinish No Yes
onload No No
onlosecapture No No
onreset No Yes
onresize No No
onrowenter No Yes
onrowexit No Yes
onrowsdelete Yes No
onrowsinserted Yes No
onscroll No No
onselect No Yes
onstart No No
onstop No No
onsubmit No Yes
onunload No Yes
onblur No No
onfocus No No
onmouseout Yes No
onmouseover Yes Yes
onpropertychange No No
onreadystatechange No No
onlayoutcomplete Yes No
onmove Yes No
onmovestart Yes Yes
onmoveend Yes No
onresizestart Yes Yes
onresizeend Yes No

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