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This topic documents a feature of Binary Behaviors, which are obsolete as of Internet Explorer 10.

Defines an instance of the Microsoft DirectAnimation viewer in an HTML document to render DirectAnimation objects and play DirectAnimation sounds.


XML <anim:DA ID=sID />
Scripting N/A

Possible Values

sID String that specifies a unique identifier for the object.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the anim object.

Property Description

Sets or retrieves the DirectAnimation Image (DAImage class) displayed by the anim:DA element.


Sets or retrieves the DirectAnimation sound (DASound class) played by the anim:DA element.


Retrieves an object containing the DAStatics class library used with DirectAnimation.

Method Description

Adds a DirectAnimation behavior (DABehavior class) to the run list when the behavior is not part of the animation model.


Removes a DirectAnimation behavior (DABehavior) class added by the addDABehavior method.


The prefix anim is used to associate this attribute with an XML namespace. You must include this prefix when using the anim:DA element. To define this namespace prefix, include the following line of code in the head section of your HTML document.


You also must define the custom DA element and associate it with the default anim behavior. You can do this by adding the following line of code to the style block of your document.

    anim\:DA	{ behavior: url(#default#anim); }

You also must use the height and width properties, as shown in the following line of code, to make the DirectAnimation viewer display properly.

<anim:DA STYLE="width:400; height:200;" />

Other inline style properties can be used to control the DirectAnimation viewer's position and z-index.

The anim:DA element is available as of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, only in the Microsoft Win32 platform.

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