Performance (How Do I in Visual C++)

This page links to help on tasks related to performance using Visual C++. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual C++.

Profile-Guided Optimizations

Provides an overview of the process of using profile-guided optimizations.

Walkthrough: Using Profile-Guided Optimizations

Demonstrates how to use profile-guided optimization (PGO) for varied scenarios that range from simple implementations using PGO build menus in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to more advanced scenarios that require custom configurations.

Tools for Profile-Guided Optimization

Discusses the tools that support profile-guided optimizations.

How to: Merge Multiple PGO Profiles into a Single Profile

Describes how to create a single profile that PGO can use from several different scenarios.

Environment Variables for Profile-Guided Optimizations

Contains information about environment variables that affect test scenarios on an image created with /LTCG:PGI.

/PGD (Specify Database for Profile-Guided Optimizations)

Discusses the /PGD command line option.

/O Options (Optimize Code)

Discusses the /O option, which lets you control various optimizations to create code for maximum speed or minimum size.

OpenMP in Visual C++

Describes how the OpenMP API lets you write applications that effectively use multiple processors.

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