NOT (Transact-SQL)


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Negates a Boolean input.

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-- Syntax for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Parallel Data Warehouse  
[ NOT ] boolean_expression  

Is any valid Boolean expression.


NOT reverses the value of any Boolean expression.

Using NOT negates an expression.

The following table shows the results of comparing TRUE and FALSE values using the NOT operator.


The following example finds all Silver colored bicycles that do not have a standard price over $400.

-- Uses AdventureWorks  
SELECT ProductID, Name, Color, StandardCost  
FROM Production.Product  
WHERE ProductNumber LIKE 'BK-%' AND Color = 'Silver' AND NOT StandardCost > 400;  

Here is the result set.

ProductID Name Color StandardCost

--------- ------------------- ------ ------------

984 Mountain-500 Silver, 40 Silver 308.2179

985 Mountain-500 Silver, 42 Silver 308.2179

986 Mountain-500 Silver, 44 Silver 308.2179

987 Mountain-500 Silver, 48 Silver 308.2179

988 Mountain-500 Silver, 52 Silver 308.2179

(6 row(s) affected)

The following example restricts results to SalesOrderNumber to values starting with SO6 and ProductKeys greater than or equal to 400.

-- Uses AdventureWorks  
SELECT ProductKey, CustomerKey, OrderDateKey, ShipDateKey  
FROM FactInternetSales  
WHERE SalesOrderNumber LIKE 'SO6%' AND NOT ProductKey < 400;  

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