MSmerge_metadataaction_request (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The MSmerge_metadataaction_request table stores one row for each compensating action that is required. Using Web synchronization, if an error occurs and the synchronization must be retried, an entry is made into MSmerge_metadataaction_request. During the upload phase of the subsequent merge, requests for all articles belonging to the publication being synchronized are retrieved from this table and uploaded. When the synchronization is successfully completed, the corresponding row in the MSmerge_metadataaction_request table is deleted. This table is stored at the Publisher in the publication database and at the Subscriber in the subscription database.

Column nameData typeDescription
tablenickintThe nickname of the published table.
rowguiduniqueidentifierThe row identifier for the given row.
actiontinyintIdentifies the compensating action required.
generationbigintThe value of the generation for which the compensating action is needed.
changedintInternal-use only.

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