Data Types
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Data Types (C# Programming Guide)

C# is a strongly typed language; therefore every variable and object must have a declared type.

A data type can be described as being either:

  • A built-in data type, such as an int or char, or

  • A user-defined data type, such as a class or interface.

  • Data types can also be defined as being either:

  • Value Types (C# Reference), which store values, or

  • Reference Types (C# Reference), which store references to the actual data.

For more information about types, see the following sections in the C# Language Specification:

  • 1.3 Types and Variables

  • 3.8 Namespace and Type Names

  • 4.1 Value Types

  • 4.2 Reference Types

  • 4.3 Boxing and Unboxing

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