SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports


Published: October 24, 2016

Updated: October 24, 2016

Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports for your organization, with the range of ready-to-use tools and services that SQL Server Reporting Services provides.

See What's New in Reporting Services (SSRS) for more about new features in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services.

Reporting Services report in the web portal

Reports can be mobile, paginated, interactive, tabular, and graphical, with a variety of data, including relational, multidimensional, and XML-based data sources. Reports can include rich data visualizations, including charts, maps, sparklines, and KPIs.

You can design:

  • Reporting Services paginated reports within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, fully integrated with SQL Server tools and components.
  • Reporting Services paginated reports in the standalone Report Builder app.
  • Reporting Services mobile reports in the Mobile Report Publisher.

Take advantage of Reporting Services programming features so you can extend and customize your reporting functionality, with APIs to integrate or extend data and report processing in custom applications.

Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform. You publish reports to a report server, or as part of a Microsoft Windows application, or to a SharePoint site. You can schedule report processing, access reports on-demand, subscribe to published reports, and export reports to other applications such as Microsoft Excel. Create data alerts on reports published to a SharePoint site and receive email messages when report data changes.

You can select from a variety of viewing formats. You can view Reporting Services mobile reports in the Power BI app for mobile devices. The reports that you create can be viewed over a Web-based connection.

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