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This section contains HTML5 touch and gesture related information, samples, and tutorials.

Note  Pointer and gesture events require Windows 8 or later.

In this section


How to simulate hover on touch-enabled devices

Hovering your cursor over a webpage element is a common action when browsing with a mouse and keyboard, but there is no equivalent when it comes to touch-based browsing. This topic demonstrates how to use the aria-haspopup Document Object Model (DOM) property to simulate hover on touch-enabled devices with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

How to use canvas, SVG, and multi-touch to create a tiled puzzle game

Starting from the basics and concluding with a multi-touch image-puzzle game that uses both canvas and SVG, this tutorial describes, in a graduated way, how to handle pointer events such as those generated from a mouse, pen, or one or more fingers (multi-touch).


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