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msCapsLockWarningOff property

Turns automatic caps lock warning on or off for validated password input fields.

This property is read/write.

Internet Explorer 10



object.msCapsLockWarningOff = bCapsLockWarning
bCapsLockWarning = object.msCapsLockWarningOff


Property values

Type: boolean

FALSE (false)

Default. Automatic caps lock warning is turned on.

TRUE (true)

Automatic caps lock warning is turned off.


Starting with Internet Explorer 10, input type=password fields will automatically display a warning if the caps lock is on. To turn off the automatic caps lock warning, use the msCapsLockWarningOff property on the document object. See the following example.


    <title>msCapsLockWarningOff example</title>
    <script type="text/javascript">

        function capsOff() {
                  if (document.msCapsLockWarningOff == false) {
                document.msCapsLockWarningOff = true;
                document.getElementById("caps").innerHTML = "Warning off";
            } else {
                document.msCapsLockWarningOff = false;
                document.getElementById("caps").innerHTML = "Warning on";
<label>Type a password: <input type="password" /></label><br />
<button id="caps" onclick="capsOff();">Warning off</button>

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