pointerEnabled property

Deprecated. Indicates if pointer events are fired for pointing input.

Note  This property has been deprecated in the latest version of the W3C Pointer Events specification. The PointerEvent interface can be used as an alternative for detecting pointer event support.

This property is read-only.

Internet Explorer 10



bEnabled = object.pointerEnabled


Property values

Type: boolean

Returns true if pointer input features are supported.

Standards information


Because the pointerEnabled property has been deprecated in the W3C Pointer Events specification, the recommended way to detect pointer event support is to check for the PointerEvent interface:

if(window.PointerEvent) {
   o.addEventListener("pointerdown", handler);
} else if(window.MSPointerEvent) {
   o.addEventListener("MSPointerDown", handler);

As of Internet Explorer 11, the Microsoft vendor prefixed version of this property (msPointerEnabled) is no longer supported and may be removed in a future release.

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