aria-grabbed attribute | ariaGrabbed property

Indicates the state of an element that's been selected in a drag-and-drop operation.

Internet Explorer 10



<element aria-grabbed="true|false|undefined" ... />

Property values

Type: DOMString

One of the following values:


Indicates that the element is selected for a drag and drop operation.


Indicates that the element supports drag and drop, but is not currently selected.


Indicates that the element does not support drag and drop.


Standards information


Used in Roles
No role required.


When the aria-grabbed attribute is set to true it has been selected for dragging, false indicates that the element can be grabbed for a drag-and-drop operation, but is not currently grabbed, and undefined (or no value) indicates the element cannot be grabbed (default).

When aria-grabbed is set to true, you should also update the aria-dropeffect attribute of all potential drop targets. When an element is not selected for drag (the value is set to false, undefined, or the attribute is removed), revert the aria-dropeffect attributes of the associated drop targets to none.

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