filterResY property

Corresponds to the Y component of the attribute filterRes on the given filter element.

This property is read-only.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Filter Effects, Section 15.25.1Internet Explorer 10



filterResY = object.filterResY


Property values

Type: SVGAnimatedInteger

An attribute of basic type integer, which can be animated.

Standards information


If provided, filterRes indicates exactly how many pixels in X and Y are used for computation of the intermediate offscreen bitmaps. It thus defines a particular resolution at which the filtering is performed. If it is not provided, the user agent picks a suitable resolution appropriate to the output device.


Here's a filter element that defines a filterRes attribute.

<filter id="edgeFilter">
    <feConvolveMatrix filterRes="100 100" style="color-interpolation-filters:sRGB"
           order="3" kernelMatrix="0 -1 0   -1 4 -1   0 -1 0" preserveAlpha="true"/>

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