result property

The result of the read operation.

Internet Explorer 10



var result = object.result;

Property values

Type: Object

The Blob, ArrayBuffer, data URL, string, or text string.


The format of the result data depends on which of the read methods was used to initiate the read operation.

If the read operation is successful, the onload event fires and the read method object is set as the value of the result property. If the read operation is interrupted due to an error or calling the abort method, result is set to null.

This property can also return partial data. Partial data is the part of the File, Blob, or MSStream object that has been read into memory so far. When processing the read method readAsText, partial data is a string that is appended to as more bytes are loaded. When processing readAsArrayBuffer, partial data is an ArrayBuffer object representing the bytes loaded so far.

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