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initMSManipulationEvent method

Used to create a manipulation event that can be called from JavaScript.

Important  As of Microsoft Edge, the createEvent()/initEvent() constructor pattern for synthetic events is deprecated. See the Synthetic Events page for more information.
Internet Explorer 10



MSManipulationEvent.initMSManipulationEvent(typeArg, canBubbleArg, cancelableArg, viewArg, detailArg, lastState, currentState);


typeArg [in]

Type: DOMString

The type of the event being created

canBubbleArg [in]

Type: boolean

Indicates whether the event can bubble. When true the event should propagate upward. When false the event does not propagate upward.

cancelableArg [in]

Type: boolean

Indicates whether the event’s default action can be prevented. When true, the default action can be canceled. When false, the default action cannot be canceled.

viewArg [in]

Type: AbstractView

The view in which the event is taking place.

detailArg [in]

Type: Integer

Specifies some detailed information depending upon the event.

lastState [in]

Type: Integer

currentState [in]

Type: Integer

Return value

This method does not return a value.

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