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-ms-hyphenate-limit-lines property

Specifies a value that indicates the maximum number of consecutive lines in an element that may be ended with a hyphenated word.

This property is read/write.

CSS Text Level 3, Section 5.5Internet Explorer 10



-ms-hyphenate-limit-lines: no-limit | <integer>

Property values

One of the following values.


Indicates that hyphenation is not limited based on the number of consecutive hyphenated lines. In the flow above the consecutive hyphenated lines limit would be an infinitely large positive number.


Indicates the maximum number of successive hyphenated lines.

For instance, if 2, then no more than 2 successive lines may end with a hyphenated word. If 0 then no lines may end with a hyphenated word. (Hyphenation is effectively disabled.)

Negative values are not allowed.

CSS information

Applies Toblock containers
Initial Valueno-limit

Standards information

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