Connect and communicate

Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Store apps support modern features designed to make it easier to connect and communicate with devices, users, and web services that use modern APIs and innovative techniques.

Feature enhancementDescription
Pointer and gesture eventsModern devices provide user interaction opportunities beyond the traditional mouse and keyboard. For examples and links to demos, see
XMLHttpRequest enhancementsEnhancements to the XMLHttpRequest object provide greater support for emerging standards and common developer scenarios, including downloading and uploading binary files and streaming of multimedia content. It also provides improved insight into the status of XMLHttpRequest operations and improved interoperability with other browsers. For more information, see XMLHttpRequest Enhancements and CORS for XHR.
GeolocationThe Geolocation API allows web applications to obtain geographic information about the computer or device running the application. For a demonstration, see the Geolocation Test Drive Demo. For more inspiration, check out 12 Cool HTML5 Geolocation Ideas.
Security improvementsInternet Explorer 10 and Windows Store apps feature security improvements such as support for the HTML5 Sandbox attribute and the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) specification for XMLHttpRequest objects.
Web socketsIn Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, Internet Explorer 10 and all other Microsoft WebSocket client and server features support the final version of the IETF WebSocket Protocol. In addition, Internet Explorer 10 implements the W3C WebSocket API Candidate Recommendation. For more information, see WebSockets in Windows 8.


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Create a location-aware webpage

Support for the Geolocation API in Windows Internet Explorer 9 enables a web application to access the current geographical location of the computer or device running the browser. The web application can then tailor the user experience according to the location, for instance, to display the user’s position on a map, or display up-to-date local information such as weather or news reports.