Navigation Pane

You use the navigation pane to open list places. From a list place, you can open individual cards or documents. The navigation pane displays one menu at a time; you use the activity buttons at the bottom of the pane to change from one menu to another.

At a minimum, the navigation pane contains the following menus:

  • Home - The Home menu has been designed for your user role, and contains your Role Center, plus all of the list places that are most frequently used in your role.

  • Departments - From the Departments menu, you can access all of the areas of the application for which you have permissions. If you find a useful link in Departments, you can copy it to your Role Center or Home menu.

Depending on your user profile, various activity buttons may be available, such as:

  • Posted Documents - The Posted Documents menu contains the posted documents that are most often used by your user role.

  • Other - Your navigation pane may also contain other custom-made menus that have been made especially for your user role.

You can rearrange the order of items in a menu, and you can add or remove menu items. You can also create a new menu.

You can find any page, report, or view in your installation by using the Search field in the upper-right corner of the address bar.

When you start to type characters in the Search field, a drop-down list shows page names that contain the characters you type. The drop-down list changes as you type more characters, and you can select the correct page from the list when it is displayed. The second column in the drop-down list shows the navigation paths to the found pages.