Set Up the Chart of Accounts

If you want to set up a new chart of accounts or add new accounts to an existing chart of accounts, you must set up each account individually. You can set up general ledger accounts in the Chart of Accounts window or on a G/L account card. When you set up a new chart of accounts, it is easier to use the Chart of Accounts window. The G/L account cards are better suited to changing or adding information on a single account.

To format the chart of accounts, after you set up the accounts, click Actions, Functions, Indent Chart of Accounts. You can insert page breaks in the chart of accounts so that the break will appear in a logical place, such as after the income statement accounts, when you print the chart of accounts.

If you want to delete a general ledger account at a later date, you must first ensure that it meets certain criteria. For example, the account must not be included in any automatic posting setup table.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed.

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Set up general ledger accounts in the chart of accounts window, so you have an overview of the chart of accounts while you work.

How to: Set Up General Ledger Accounts in the Chart of Accounts Window

Enter descriptive text for a general ledger account, in addition to what can be stored in the Name field.

How to: Use More Than One Line for General Ledger Account Names

Determine which accounts will be included when you reconcile a general journal before posting it.

How to: Mark General Ledger Accounts for Reconciliation

Insert a page break after an account when you print the chart of accounts.

How to: Insert Page Breaks in the Chart of Accounts

Learn about the consequences of deleting a general ledger account.

Deletion of G/L Accounts

Find out if a general ledger account is used for automatic posting, before deleting the account.

How to: View Where General Ledger Accounts Are Used

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