Informing Users of the Benefits of Pinning your Site

This topic discusses a method that you can use to inform your users about the benefits of pinning your website.

Intrigue the user

You want to persuade your users to pin your site, but they might not immediately see the benefit of doing so. In addition to a prompt, you might consider how to educate your users about the benefits of pinning the site. For example, one could display a banner at the top of the page, as shown in the following image:

The "top hat" sales pitch

Users can click the Learn more link if they want to know how to make the site work better for them. Clicking the link displays a detailed landing page that explains how to pin the site, and how to use the Pinned site shortcut to launch the site. Depending on the settings you choose, the landing page can replace the current page, or expand in place without leaving the page.

Create a Detailed Landing Page

Additionally, the layout of the landing page could be based on a tile-centric design. As shown in the following screenshot, the primary tile informs the user how to pin the site, and the others provide a brief overview of why the user should pin the site.

A screenshot of one possible landing page layout

Next Steps

Instead of pointing to off-screen elements in the browser frame, you can easily declare your own images that a user can drag to pin. Learn how in Dragging an Image to Pin the Site.

After the user pins your site, you might want to advertise specific Pinned site features. For more information, see Creating a First-run Experience.

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