createTreeWalker method

Creates a TreeWalker object that you can use to traverse filtered lists of nodes or elements in a document.

Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Traversal and Range Specification, Section 1.2Internet Explorer 9



var ppTreeWalker = document.createTreeWalker(pRootNode, ulWhatToShow, pFilter, fEntityReferenceExpansion);


pRootNode [in]

Type: Node

The root element or node to start traversing on.

ulWhatToShow [in]

Type: Integer

The type of nodes or elements to appear in the node list. For more information, see whatToShow.

pFilter [in]

Type: Variant

A custom NodeFilter function to use. For more information, see filter. Use a pointer to a null value for no filter.

fEntityReferenceExpansion [in]

Type: Boolean

A flag that specifies whether entity reference nodes are expanded. For more information, see expandEntityReferences.

ppTreeWalker [out, retval]

Type: TreeWalker

Returns a TreeWalker object.

Return value

Type: TreeWalker

Returns a TreeWalker object.

Standards information


Use the createTreeWalker method when you want to navigate a representation of the document's hierarchical structure. If you would rather traverse a sequence of nodes without regard to document structure, use createNodeIterator.

When a custom NodeFilter function isn't needed, use a pointer to a null value rather than just a null value.

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