checkIntersection method

Determines if the rendered content of the specified element intersects the specified rectangle.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Document Structure, Section 5.11.2Internet Explorer 9



var retval = SVGSVGElement.checkIntersection(element, rect);


element [in]

Type: ISVGElement

The element to test.

rect [in]

Type: ISVGRect

The rectangle that might intersect the specified element element. The rectangle's coordinates are in the initial coordinate system of the current object.

Return value

Type: Boolean

true if the specified rectangle intersects the rendered content of the specified element; otherwise, false.

Standards information


You can test a graphics element only when it can be a target of pointer events, as the graphic element's pointer-event property specifies.When a graphics element cannot be tested, the checkIntersection method returns false.

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