Creating Your First LightSwitch Application


The best way to learn how to create a LightSwitch application is to actually create one. In this section you’ll create a simple contact management application in four easy steps. This application interacts with a database and displays data on screens. It includes capabilities such as data entry, navigation, validation, search and more; all without writing a single line of code.

A project is the container for the files that make up your application. See Step 1: Create a LightSwitch Project.

In the contact management application, you need data that represents a name, company, telephone number and email address. See Step 2: Define the Data in LightSwitch.

In this step, you'll create screens that let you view, add, and edit your contact data. See Step 3: Create Screens in LightSwitch.

The final step is to run your application and see how it works. See Step 4: Run and Test the LightSwitch Application.



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