Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets

Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets

Updated: November 17, 2015

Applies To: Azure PowerShell 1.0

This topic displays help topics for the Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets.

Azure PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language designed to help information technology (IT) professionals automate system administration tasks. To install the latest Azure PowerShell version and associate it with your Azure subscription, see How to install and configure Azure PowerShell.

The .dll file for this module is Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Commands.TrafficManager.dll.

The following table contains links to the topics for the Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets:


Name Description


Adds an endpoint to a Traffic Manager profile.


Disables a Traffic Manager profile.


Enables a Traffic Manager profile.


Gets the details of a Traffic Manager profile.


Creates a Traffic Manager profile.


Removes an endpoint from a Traffic Manager profile.


Removes a Traffic Manager profile.


Updates the properties of an endpoint in a Traffic Manager profile.


Updates the properties of a Traffic Manager profile.


Checks whether a domain name is available as a Traffic Manager profile.

For more information about, or for the syntax of, any of the cmdlets, use the Get-Help <cmdlet name> cmdlet, where <cmdlet name> is the name of the cmdlet that you want to research. For more detailed information, you can run any of the following cmdlets:

Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Detailed
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Examples
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Full

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